Are you looking for a reliable and affordable moving service in Charlotte, NC? Look no further than We Like To Move It – the premier provider of in-county moving services. From packing to transport to unpacking, this team of experts has got you covered. With years of experience, they understand how stressful relocating can be and strive to make your move as stress-free as possible.

We Like To Move It offers all of the necessary resources needed for a successful relocation. Their fleet consists of fully-equipped trucks that are capable of transporting items safely from point A to point B. They also provide experienced movers who take special care when handling your belongings during transit or while loading and unloading them into their truck. All materials used by We Like To Move It are top quality and guaranteed to keep your possessions safe throughout the entire process.

What sets We Like To Move It apart from other companies is their customer service and attention to detail. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers’ needs are met every step of the way so that you can rest easy knowing your move will be handled with care. Whether you’re an individual or business looking for assistance with a local move, let We Like To Move It help you get where you need to go!

Types Of Moving Services Offered

We Like to Move It offers a wide range of in-county moving services in Charlotte, NC. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. We offer full packing and unpacking services for both residential and commercial moves, along with loading and unloading assistance. We provide all the necessary supplies like boxes, wrapping paper, tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, furniture pads, etc., so you don’t have to worry about anything on moving day. In addition to providing packing and unpacking services, we also transport items such as appliances and large furniture pieces safely from one location to another. If needed, our team can help disassemble and reassemble any existing furniture during your move. Furthermore, if requested ahead of time we can arrange storage solutions ranging from short-term options to long-term storage facilities. With us handling everything for you there’s no need to worry; just sit back and relax while we do all the hard work!

Equipment And Fleet Sizes

At We Like to Move It, we provide comprehensive in-county moving services for the Charlotte NC area. Our equipment is reliable and our fleet sizes are suitable for all types of moves. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner relocating across town, we’ve got the right tools and vehicles needed to get your possessions from one place to another.

We carefully inspect each piece of equipment before use, ensuring that it meets safety requirements while offering an optimal experience during the move. Our trucks come with air ride suspension systems which make sure that your valuable belongings stay safe and secure during transit. And since they have been designed specifically for transporting large loads, you can rest assured that even heavy items will be safely transported on time.

In addition to our well-maintained trucks, we also offer packing supplies like boxes, crates, tape, bubble wrap and other necessities to help ensure your items remain securely packed until their destination. This ensures that everything arrives intact and ready for unpacking upon arrival at its final destination.

Our team of experienced movers has years of experience providing efficient and stress-free service. They arrive promptly with all necessary materials and take care when handling your most prized possessions – so you don’t need to worry about damages occurring during transportation. With top notch customer service combined with quality equipment and trained personnel, We Like To Move It provides exceptional in-county moving services throughout Charlotte NC!

Cost Estimates In Charlotte Nc

We Like To Move It offers in-county moving services throughout Charlotte, NC. Our cost estimates are based on the size of your move and any additional services you may need. We strive to provide an accurate estimate so that you can plan accordingly for your budget and timeline. Here’s what you can expect when requesting a cost estimate from us:

  1. A detailed list of all items being moved
  2. An itemized list of packing materials needed for each item
  3. The estimated time it will take to complete the move
  4. An overall total for your move including labor costs

Our experienced movers understand how important it is to accurately estimate cost up front, so we work hard to get every detail right before giving our customers a quote. We also offer options like storage solutions if needed, which could impact the final price of your move as well. No matter what type of relocation service you’re looking for in Charlotte, NC, we’ll help make sure that you know exactly what it’ll cost upfront so there are no surprises along the way!

For those who choose to book with us, rest assured that our team always puts safety first while loading and unloading all items during a relocation job. With decades of experience in the local area, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in moving and storage services in Charlotte, NC – something we don’t take lightly! So whether it’s just around town or across state lines, our reliable crew has got you covered every step of the way!

What To Expect During The Move In Charlotte Nc

Moving can be a stressful experience, so it’s important to know what to expect when you hire We Like To Move It for in-county moving services in Charlotte NC. By understanding the process and being prepared ahead of time, you’ll have peace of mind that everything will go smoothly on move day.

The first step is scheduling the move with We Like To Move It. Our team will provide an estimate based on your specific needs. Once we arrive at your home or office, our crew will survey the area and make sure all items are ready for transport. You’ll receive a detailed inventory list before loading begins so there won’t be any surprises later on!

Next, our professional movers will carefully wrap furniture, mattresses, and other fragile items for protection during transit. They’ll also shrink wrap appliances like washers and dryers if needed. As each item is loaded onto the truck, it’s checked off against the inventory list to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Once everything has been loaded up safely and securely, our experienced drivers begin their journey to your new location. They employ special techniques while driving—such as padding between objects—to prevent damage from occurring en route. When they reach their destination, they unload your belongings quickly but cautiously before making sure nothing got damaged along the way.

We Like To Move It strives to exceed expectations every time by providing quality service and taking care of all details throughout the entire moving process. With us handling everything from start to finish, you can rest assured knowing that your possessions will arrive safe and sound at their final destination!

Professionalism And Care

At We Like To Move It, we understand that relocating can be a stressful time for individuals and families. That’s why our in-county moving services in Charlotte NC are designed to make sure your move is as stress free as possible. Our professional team of movers provide courteous service throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

We take great care with all of your belongings during the loading and unloading process. All furniture items will be covered with protective materials before being moved, ensuring nothing gets scratched or damaged. Your fragile items will also be carefully wrapped and handled with extra precautionary measures taken during transport.

Our experienced staff knows exactly how to manage every situation safely and efficiently. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, we guarantee everything arrives intact at its destination on schedule. Furthermore, if any questions arise about the contents of boxes or other related matters, our crew members are more than happy to answer them quickly and accurately.

From packing up your home to delivering it securely, trust us to handle all aspects of your relocation needs professionally and with extreme care.

Insurance Coverage

At We Like to Move It, we understand that moving can be stressful and expensive. That’s why our in-county moving services are backed by comprehensive insurance coverage so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe during the move. Below is a breakdown of our insurance coverage:

ItemDescriptionCoverage Amount
Liability ProtectionCovers damage to property belonging to third parties caused by us while performing the move.$100,000
Full Value ProtectionProvides compensation for lost or damaged items up to their replacement value.Up to $30/lb
Premises Legal LiabilityProtects customers from claims made against them related to personal injury occurring on premises where we provide service.$500,000

We also offer additional protection plans if you require further coverage beyond what is provided with our basic plan. Our experienced team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure all your needs are met and that everything goes as smoothly as possible during your move. Your satisfaction with our in-county moving services is of utmost importance to us!

Licensing And Certifications

We Like to Move It is fully licensed and certified for in-county moving services throughout the Charlotte, NC area. We are an active member of the North Carolina Movers Association (NCMA), and have a valid license with the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This ensures that all our staff members follow safety regulations and industry standards when handling customers’ goods during the moving process.

Furthermore, we also carry general liability insurance coverage as well as cargo insurance coverage to protect all our clients’ belongings while they are in transit. All our employees undergo comprehensive background checks before being hired so you can be sure that your items are in safe hands at all times.

We understand how important it is to trust your movers and make sure everything goes smoothly on moving day – which is why we take every step necessary to ensure quality service from start to finish. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, no matter what size or type of move you need help with.

At We Like to Move It, we strive to exceed expectations and go above and beyond for each one of our valued customers. From licensing requirements to personnel training, we guarantee professional excellence on every job we undertake.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

We Like to Move It has earned a stellar reputation in Charlotte, NC for its moving services. Our customers often leave glowing reviews about the care and attention that our staff provides during each move. To ensure we are delivering quality service every step of the way, we take customer feedback seriously and use it to make improvements as needed.

Our experienced team of movers is trained to be respectful, professional and efficient throughout your entire relocation process. We understand how stressful moving can be so our goal is to provide an easy and stress-free experience. This commitment to excellence has been recognized by many of our long-time customers who have come back time and again for their moves.

Customer testimonials are also available on the company’s website which demonstrate just how satisfied people are with our services. Most recently, one customer commented: “I’ve used We Like to Move It twice now, both times they were great! They offered superior service at very reasonable rates; I highly recommend them if you need help moving.” Hearing comments like this reinforces why we strive to provide excellent service from start to finish on all of our moves!

At We Like To Move It, ensuring customer satisfaction is always top priority. From providing helpful advice about packing materials and loading techniques to helping coordinate last minute changes or additions – no job is too big or small for us! With years of combined industry experience, you can trust that you’re in good hands when you choose us for your moving needs.

How To Contact The Company In Charlotte Nc

If you need in-county moving services in Charlotte NC, we like to move it is the company for you. We offer a wide range of professional and reliable solutions that can help make your next relocation stress free and hassle free. If you’d like to get in touch with us to learn more about our services or receive a quote, there are several ways you can do so.

One way to contact us is via phone call. Our customer service team is available during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm EST. All calls are answered promptly by friendly representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide information on pricing and availability.

Another option is emailing us directly at Feel free to send us an email anytime including detailed information about your move as well as when and where it needs to take place. We’ll respond quickly with answers to all your questions and concerns regarding the process.

Finally, if necessary, we also provide consultations in person at our offices located near uptown Charlotte NC which helps ensure all details of your move are discussed thoroughly before signing any contracts or making any commitments. This allows customers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with one of our experienced professionals prior to reserving their date for service with us.

No matter how you choose to contact us, rest assured that we’re always here for you ready to provide quality service and assistance throughout every step of the moving process!

Special Offers And Discounts

At We Like to Move it, we understand that moving can be expensive. That’s why our Charlotte NC in-county moving services come with special offers and discounts to make your move more affordable.

Our first offer is a 10% discount for senior citizens on all local moves within Mecklenburg County. This allows seniors to save money during their relocation process without compromising the quality of service they receive from us.

We also provide discounted rates for customers who book multiple trips or services at once. With this offer, you’ll get 15% off the cost of any additional services when you bundle them together.

Finally, if you refer us to someone else – such as a friend or family member – we’ll give both parties $50 off their next move! This makes it easier for everyone involved to cut costs while still getting top-notch service from our experienced movers.

Faqs Regarding Moves In Charlotte Nc

Moving can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We Like to Move It offers in-county moving services in Charlotte NC that make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask us about their moves:

  1. What type of items do you move?
    We provide full service moving for all types of residential and commercial items including furniture, appliances, electronics and more. If there is something specific you need moved, just let us know!
  2. How far will you travel within Charlotte County?
    We offer local moves anywhere within 50 miles of Charlotte City limits.
  3. Do I need to pack my own boxes?
    No, we provide packing services if needed so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Our experienced movers take special care when packing up your belongings ensuring they remain safe during transport.

At We Like to Move It, we understand how important it is for our customers’ possessions to arrive safely at their destination—that’s why we always use high quality materials and professional techniques on every job we do. From start to finish, our team works hard to ensure a stress-free move for each customer we serve in Charlotte NC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

When it comes to payments, customers want to know what methods are accepted and whether their preferred method is available. We Like To Move It provides several payment options for in-county moving services in Charlotte NC so that customers can be sure they have an option that works best for them.

The most common type of payment we accept is credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Customers who prefer to pay via check or cash may do so as well. Additionally, we also offer a convenient online payment system where customers can quickly make secure payments with just the click of a button.

We strive to provide our customers with flexible options when it comes to paying for our services. Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to the same quality service regardless of how they choose to pay for it. By providing multiple payment options, we ensure that all our customers’ needs are met without any hassle or inconvenience.

No matter how you decide to pay for your in-county moving services from We Like To Move It – through credit card, check, cash or online – rest assured knowing that your transaction will be handled securely and processed promptly so you don’t have to worry about delays or unexpected fees on top of the service cost itself.

Do You Provide Storage Services?

Do we provide storage services? Absolutely! We offer a wide range of custom storage solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term options, our experienced staff can help you find the right solution that meets your budget and timeline.

We understand how important it is to keep your items safe and secure during their stay with us. That’s why all of our facilities are equipped with advanced security systems and 24/7 surveillance so you know your belongings will be taken care of while they’re in our care. And if you ever need access to them, we also have convenient hours for pickups and drop offs so you can get what you need when it’s most convenient for you.

It doesn’t stop there though – we go above and beyond just providing storage space by offering additional services like packing, moving, unpacking, installation and more. Our team members have years of experience providing top notch service to customers from all over Charlotte NC, so no matter what type of assistance you may need before or after putting something into storage, we’ve got the expertise necessary to make sure everything goes smoothly.

No matter what kind of situation you might be facing, whether it’s temporary or permanent storage needs; small or large scale projects; business or residential moves – we’re here to help every step of the way. With competitive rates and exceptional customer service, let us take care of all your storage requirements so that you can focus on other aspects of getting settled into your new home or office space.

Do You Move Items Out Of State?

Do you move items out of state? Moving services have become increasingly popular in the past decade, as people are more likely to relocate than ever before. Whether it’s for work or leisure, relocating can sometimes require a bit of extra help and resources. With that said, many companies specialize in moving items both within one’s current state and across others.

When considering if an item needs to be moved out of state, there is much to take into account:

Questions such as these should all be answered when looking for a professional mover capable of handling the task at hand. We Like To Move It provides this service – helping customers move their belongings safely and securely from one place to another without any hiccups along the way. They understand how important it is to protect your possessions during transport, so they strive not only to get them where they need to go but also ensure they arrive on time and intact.

Their experienced team knows exactly what methods should be used when transporting goods over long distances, which minimizes any potential damage or delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, We Like To Move It takes great care in understanding each client’s unique situation in order to provide tailored solutions catered specifically towards their individual needs.

We Like To Move It guarantees satisfaction by providing an efficient and stress-free experience – allowing customers peace of mind knowing their valuable items will reach its final destination safe and sound.

Do You Provide Packing And Unpacking Services?

Do you provide packing and unpacking services? This is a common question in the moving industry, especially for those making long-distance moves. Having someone to pack up your belongings can be incredibly helpful; it saves time and energy, while giving you peace of mind that everything will be securely protected during transportation.

At We Like To Move It, we understand how important these services are – which is why we offer comprehensive packing and unpacking options to make your move easier. Our experienced professionals take care of all the hard labor so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We use only top-quality materials to ensure your items are packed safely and efficiently. From small boxes to large furniture pieces, our team has years of experience handling every type of item with ease. Plus, our specialized tools allow us to quickly break down any kind of furniture without damaging it – keeping everything safe until it arrives at its new home.

Our full range of packing and unpacking services ensures that no detail is left undone – from organizing individual items into labeled containers to carefully unboxing fragile objects when they reach their destination. Whether you need assistance for just one room or an entire houseful, we guarantee a seamless transition every step of the way. With our help, your next move won’t seem like such a daunting task after all!

Are There Any Additional Fees That May Apply?

Are there any additional fees that may apply? This is a valid question to ask when considering moving services. It’s important to understand the full cost of the move, which includes any additional charges not initially quoted.

For starters, it’s worth noting that some companies charge extra for things like stairs or long-distance moves. If you’re moving from one county to another within North Carolina, be aware that you’ll likely incur an additional fee due to travel distance and other factors. Additionally, if your move requires special equipment such as dollies, hoists, climate controlled trucks etc., these can also come with an increased price tag.

It’s also possible you could be charged an added fee for packing materials such as boxes, tape or bubble wrap – depending on where you source them from. However, many companies provide these items complimentary or at discounted rates in order to make their service more attractive.

Finally, before signing up for any service it’s essential to read through the company’s terms and conditions carefully so that you are fully aware of all associated costs prior to making a commitment. Doing your research ahead of time helps ensure there aren’t any hidden surprises down the line – giving you peace of mind and confidence in your choice of mover.


We at We Like to Move It understand that making a move can be stressful. That’s why we strive to provide the best in-county moving services in Charlotte, NC and make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. We accept all major payment methods for convenience, and offer storage services so you don’t have to worry about where to store items during the transition. Additionally, our team also moves items out of state with ease – just let us know what needs to go!

Our packing and unpacking services are top notch; no need to lift a finger or stress over how things will get done. As far as fees go, there may be additional ones assessed depending on the size of your move and any special requests you might have – but rest assured they will only ever be discussed up front before anything else happens.

At We Like To Move It, we take pride in providing exceptional service every time and always keep customer satisfaction top priority. So if you’re looking for professional movers who won’t break your budget, give us a call today and see how easy it can be!